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If you are tired of high pressure sales people, always wanting you to "write an offer" or using one of the 101 Closing Tactics of a Selling Ninja, find out why our number one source of business is a returning customer or their friends, family, and co-workers. We Love to Sell Houses, but We DO NOT do Buyer's Representation Agreements and all of our Listing Agreements are cancellable at any time. Our Promise is Simple...Real Estate is Serious Business with Long Term Benefits and Consequences. We will never put pressure on you make a quick move! No Pressure...ever! Period. Please Read Our Reviews.

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The Least We Could Do For Our Veterans Who Served Us

A VA (Veterans Administration) loan is one of the great benefits available to our military veterans, but it may benefit non-veteran home and investment borrowers too. The greatest benefit is

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The Best Time To Buy Real Estate In Alaska

Given the propensity for inclement weather and harsh winter storms, Alaskan real estate market trends are closely tied toward the change of season. Timing the purchase of your new home in

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The Best Cities To Call Home In Alaska

Alaska is the largest state in the union and considered America’s final frontier. The qualities that make up the state of Alaska varies from coast to coast and depending on the local customs,

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If I Buy Property In Alaska Am I Eligible For A Dividend

If I Buy Property In Alaska, Am I Eligible For A Dividend?One of the great things about living in Alaska or acquiring Alaskan real estate is that state has been blessed with an abundance of

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