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Downtown Anchorage
Downtown Anchorage Homes are in the area north of Chester Creek and West of Merrill Field.

The area is one of the most diverse socio economic areas in Anchorage.  A condominium unit on the west end may be priced higher than a multifamily property housing 12 unit families on the east end.  Incomes vary to the same degree.

Many Downtown Anchorage Homes were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s and are not only still being used, but have been extensively remodeled and sit is some of the highest priced per square foot in Anchorage.  Click here for images of Anchorage’s Tent City past.

Many Buyers of Downtown Anchorage Homes work downtown or just want the feel of living in a city where they can walk to a show, to a restaurant and to shopping. In the vicinity of Downtown Anchorage Homes are many amenities. For conventions and meetings there is the new Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center, the William A. Egan Center, and several Anchorage landmark hotels that host many of these meetings including, the prestigious Hotel Captain Cook, The Anchorage Marriott, The Anchorage Hilton, and the Anchorage Sheraton.

Walking to a restaurant and entertainment from most Downtown Anchorage Homes is what most downtown buyers are looking for. The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Cyrano’s Theatre Company, and the 49th State Brewing Company are just a few of the options. Want a locally produced show? Try the improv troupe Scared Scriptless and the Anchorage Community Theatre.

Anchorage’s has many great restaurants with a variety of flavors, and many reside within walking distance of most Downtown Anchorage Homes.  Anchorage icon, Club Paris, Sullivan Steakhouse, the Crow’s Nest, and the Marx Brothers come to mind. For more casual dining choices would include Orso and the Glacier Brewhouse, Ginger, Fat Ptarmigan, and Bangkok Café. See many others here.

Many Anchorage Businesses are located near Downtown Anchorage Homes. Because of proximity of the courts, over half of all Anchorage law offices are located downtown. Within walking distance are The Municipality of Anchorage Office Building, the State of Alaska Office Building, ConocoPhillips Alaska, 5th Avenue Mall, JC Penny and Nordstrom, and many, many more businesses not listed here.



Anchorage-A History of Anchorage and Alaska

Anchorage and Earthquakes

At 5:36 PM Alaska Standard Time, Good Friday, March 27, 1964, the most powerful earthquake to ever strike North America, and the second most powerful in the history of the world, released its enormous power 200 miles southeast of Anchorage.  Many Downtown Anchorage Homes were damaged as were all other areas.  The registered 9.2 magnitude quake lasted for a full four minutes, thirty-eight seconds.  (Keep in mind that the powerful San Francisco quake of 1989 peaked at 6.9 magnitude and last 8-15 seconds.)  As measured with a seismometer, an earthquake that registers 5.0 on the Richter Scale has a shaking amplitude 10 times greater than an earthquake that registered 4.0 at the same distance. As energy release is generally proportional to the shaking amplitude raised to the 3/2 power, an increase of 1 magnitude corresponds to a release of energy 31.6 times that released by the lesser earthquake. This means that, for instance, an earthquake of magnitude 5 releases 31.6 times as much energy as an earthquake of magnitude 4.

As a result of the earthquake, 139 people are believed to have died: Fifteen died as a result of the earthquake itself, 106 died from the subsequent tsunami in Alaska, 5 died from the tsunami in Oregon, and 13 died from the tsunami in California.  Keeping the death count low in Alaska was the fact that was Good Friday.
Schools and school functions and many businessess were closed.