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East Anchorage

East Anchorage Homes are in the area that is East of Seward Highway, North of Tudor Road and is bordered on the east by the Chugach Mountains and on the north by Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson (JBER) East Anchorage Home Values range in Value from below $75,000 for small condominiums to $1 Million view properties in the Stuckagain Heights area.

East Anchorage was one of the first areas to develop in the Anchorage Bowl.  One of those, Nunaka Valley, was built in the 1950s and is still one of the great starter neighborhoods in Anchorage.  East Anchorage is an eclectic mix of low income, middle, and upper income wage earners.  The three major hospitals, both major universities and both university level extension campuses, are all in East Anchorage.

A characteristic of East Anchorage, is bedrooms.  With the exception of the universities and hospitals, most of East Anchorage is neighborhood.  Sure, there is shopping at Costco on Bragaw and the Tikahtnu Commons off the Glenn Highway, boasting Best Buy, Target, Lowes, many restaurants, and a 16-screen movie theatre, but, it is a bedroom district.  It is one of the untrumpeted areas of living in Anchorage.   Parks, greenspace, mature neighborhoods, easy flow traffic patterns and a diverse population make East Anchorage a great place to live.

High Schools servicing East Anchorage are, well, East Anchorage High School and Bartlett High School.  Both schools have very diverse student populations, many of which are military dependents as JBER sits between the schools.  East High School, until recently, was also the Alaska School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and with the Majority, the Minority, East Anchorage High School is the most racially diverse school in America77% of all students are minority class.  More racial and ethnic diversity, more languages spoken as a primary language, than any other high school in America.

Minutes from mid-town, travel time from East Anchorage to the midtown, is no more than 15 minutes, depending upon the time of day.  Traffic patterns are easy.  Tudor Road, East Northern Lights Blvd, Debarr Road and the Glenn Highway, all major arteries, carry thousands of vehicles east and west every day.

If it sounds like I like East Anchorage, I do.  I grew up there.  My children have grown up there.  I am a graduate of East Anchorage High School, all three of my children are East Anchorage High School.  My daughter is currently in the Anchorage Campus of the University of Washington Medical School, my middle son is studying Information Technology Management at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, and my youngest son is studying Physics and Math at the Montana State University where he entered straight from East High with advanced credits as a Sophomore.   I think East Anchorage High School has treated my family well.

Neighboroods in East Anchorage

Economic Environment of Anchorage

Searching Anchorage Homes will show you that Anchorage continues to be a great place to live.  While unemployment is slightly over the national average, this is primarily due to seasonal work patterns.   See Sperling’s Best.

Anchorage Homes enjoy great public schools, many Charter SchoolsPrivate and Christian K-12Voc-Ed CollegesWayland Baptist University and Alaska Pacific University (private) and the University of Alaska, Anchorage campus. In addition, many other programs are available including University of Washington Medical School MD Program WWAMI (my daughter is in year three!).  The State of Alaska has partnered with other northwest states to offer reduced non-resident tuition through the WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) Program.  Our university students are about 10 years older than the national average and they continue to make Anchorage home.

Dining Out in Anchorage

Within a short drive of nearly all Anchorage Homes, your will discover a great variety of food.  Yahoo! Anchorage is a multi-cultural melting pot, with restaurants representing traditional American fare, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Polynesian, Filipino, Mexican, Japanense, Chinese, Thai-Cambodian-Laotian, and Russian cuisine, and many more!.  Even Halal. There is something for everyone!

Anchorage Church Community

My father always said, “God calls Anchorage home.”   No matter your faith, you will find it here, when you call Anchorage home.  Whether JewChristian, Muslim, the northernmost Hindu temple of the World, Sikhs, Buddhists and Russian Orthodox.  I think we can all agree on this…whatever your path, what a great country to believe the way I do!

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This is Alaska

Sarah Palin never said, “I can see Russia from my house!”  She did say that you can see Russia from Alaska, and you can.  As a little boy, I remember hearing this.  Little Diomede Island in the United States – Big Diomede Island in Russia.  Both are around 660 air miles from Anchorage Homes.

Many people, even in Alaska, do not understand the cultural identity and differences of Alaska’s indiginous people.  Here are the major groups of Alaska indigenous peoples: Inupiat and Yupik Eskimos, Aleuts, Athabascans, Eyaks, Tlingits, Haidas and Tsimshians.  This link will give you great information on Alaska Indigenous people.

The Anchorage Museam-Alaska Native Cultures for a world class exhibit of Alaska Native artifacts.

Click on Sarah and enjoy this collection of Eskimo Films from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.   It was a hard life, but a life tied close to the land.  The Eskimo existed in one of the harshest environments on earth.

Just like the Eskimo needed a home, you need to find your Anchorage home.  Whether your Anchorage home is a hillside view property, or a midtown condo, I can help you find your Anchorage home.

Oh, want to see Russia from Alaska?  Click Here.