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The Matsu Valley – Welcome to Alaska!

I often say, “Alaska is just one hour away,”  when people calling from outside Alaska, wanting to move to Anchorage.  They often tell me they want to be on 2 acres, close to a fishing stream, where they can hunt, and do many of the activities one would normally think about, when thinking of Alaska.   That is the Matsu!

Fifty miles north (20 as the crow flies) is the Matanuska-Susitna Valley (The Matsu) which includes the communities of Palmer, Wasilla, and Big Lake.  Many people commute daily to work in Anchorage.  These areas in the Matsu are a 50-70 mile drive which is accomplished in about one hour.  Winter times may vary as weather conditions may affect the only highway accessing Anchorage.

Matsu properties are priced lower than comparable Anchorage homes, by about $75,000.  This is primarily because of lower land costs and easier building permit processes.  Property taxes tend to be a little lower too.  This difference means that many Buyers can choose the Matsu and buy a much larger home, on a bigger lot, for the same pre-qualification amount.

There is a catch!  That commute from the Matsu will consume 2+ hours of your life per day, 40 hours per month, 480 hours per year.  It will also cost you a couple of windshields on your vehicle from sanded winter roads, a set of tires a year, an extra 1,000 gallons of fuel, and the depreciation of adding another 25,000 miles a year to your vehicle.  Of course, all of that goes away if you are employed in the Matsu!

Valley Attractions

Weblinks to the Valley!

One of the great things about living in the Matsu Valley is the Alaska way of life.  Four-wheelers, snow machines and motorcycles run down the adjacent to roadways without harassment, zoning is more relaxed and the lifestyle has a more rural feel.  Fishing and hunting are literally within reach and there are thousands of square miles of wilderness areas that are accessible to you.

Want to feel connected to a community and school system?  Then the Matsu Valley is for you.   Check out these links to some of the great areas and activities in the Matsu Valley.    The Alaska State Fair    Independence Mine    Iditarod Headquarters    Sightseeing Tours    Alaska Museum  of Transportation and Industry    Big Lake Recreation Area    Fireworks!    Nancy Lakes Recreation Area    Matanuska Glacier    Valley Fishing Areas    Valley Golf


If your dream is to live close to nature, then the Valley could be for you.  Young boys and girls are seen all over, running along the ditch on 4 wheelers in the summer and on snow machines in the winter.  Large farms that are remnants of the New Deal era (see documentary films) dot the area.  Lakes and streams are loaded with trout, Grayling, Dolly Varden and several salmon species.  Whether for sightseeing or hunting, moose, bear and sheep are in the area and many of the big game hunting areas are within a day’s drive.  Alaska hunting areas are called Game Management Units.  Click this link to connect to the State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game.

From Wasilla, you are about a 1 hour drive north to Talkeetna, AK, a quaint little town with one of the most spectacular views of Alaska’s, and the Nation’s highest peak…Mount McKinley (Okay, I am old school on this one!).   Here is a link to the naming history of our own “The High One”.


History Lesson!

Great Historical Videos

The Valley has a rich history.  A product of Roosevelt’s New Deal!

And Alaska, even Richer!