The Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Home

When buying a new home with financing, there are things you need to think about to ensure you do not do anything to stall your lender.  The same rules apply with your Backup Offer.

Down Payment and Closing Costs Sources and Gift Funds!
It is imperative that you keep your funds trackable and separated during the buying process. Do you have gift funds that you will be using as downpayment or reserves? Do NOT mix them with your regular daily use accounts. Those funds, any all other funds during this process, need to be treated carefully.

Don’t Take On New Debt!
Do NOT take on any new debt! Make sure that you do not do ANYTHING financially without talking to your lender. Not your mother, not your boyfriend’s sister’s doctor’s brother. YOUR LENDER!

Do Not Change Your Job, Quit Your 2nd Job, Stop Making Payments, Retire
Again, do NOT do anything with any part of your life that affects your finances, including your job, without talking to your lender.

If you have questions and do not have a lender, contact any of these lenders below and tell them I sent you.  Ask any questions you need answered.

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