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West Anchorage, Dimond, South
West Anchorage Homes, Dimond Homes and South Anchorage Homes are in the areas South of Chester Creek Greenbelt and West of the Seward Highway.  Areas that include West Anchorage Homes, Dimond Homes and South Anchorage Homes include areas commonly referred to as Turnagain, Mid-Town, Spenard, Four Corners, Raspberry, Sand Lake, Campbell Lake, Bayshore, Southport, Oceanview, and the Bluff.

Families in West Anchorage Homes, Dimond Homes and South Anchorage Homes either go to West Anchorage High School or Dimond High School. West Anchorage High School is the original Anchorage High School and sits above the Spenard Thruway-usually known as Minnesota Drive. Originally, Spenard Thruway was the only connection to the outlying bedroom community of Spenard.

West Anchorage Homes are the original subdivisions built during the early 1960’s. Planned streets in Turnagain Homes neighborhood roll and meander through an eclectic mixture of old, remodeled, and new. Larger original homes are the norm. This area is on the North side of the West end of Northern Lights Blvd. To the South, Spenard. Spenard are runs on the South of Northern Lights all the way to International Airport Rd. The Eastern border would be Approximately C and to the West, Ted Stevens International Airport. Typified by small lots, older homes and higher density neighborhoods, this area is in the beginning stages of a renaissance. “Spernagain”, or Spenard plus Turnagain, looks to be a wave into the future. Convenient to all parts of Anchorage, it is affordable and quaint.

Dimond Homes are in the areas West of the Seward Highway and from Tudor Road South to about Campbell Lake. This would include the far west areas of Sand Lake and Kinkaid, and neighborhoods near the Dimond Blvd. Students living in Dimond Homes would attend primarily Dimond High School, however, areas South of Campbell Lake would South Anchorage High School.

South Anchorage Homes are in the area west of Seward Highway, from South of Campbell Lake all the way to Potter Marsh as you leave the city. Bayshore, Southport, Oceanview and the Southern Bluff areas are included here. Most students living in this area would attend South High School

West Anchorage, Dimond and South Anchorage

There are many benefits of living in West Anchorage Homes, Dimond Homes and South Anchorage Homes.  Obviously, living along a major north/south corridor, with the convenience of location always has its benefits.  One of the real benefits for me is the weather.  West Anchorage Homes, Dimond Homes and South Anchorage Homes enjoy more days of sunshine. Anchorage is lined on one side by Cook Inlet and on the other, by The Chugach Range.  Clouds over Anchorage compress against those mountains and release their rain.  Nothing on the west side impedes their travel, hence, clouds blow by and out of the sun’s way!  One disadvantage, the wind blows more consistantly.

1964 Anchorage Earthquake History

In 1964, Anchorage experienced the most powerful North American earthquake in recorded history, and the second most powerful in world history.  Registering 9.2 magnitude, the quake lasted over 4 minutes.  The series of videos explore many of the films of the era.



Areas of Interest

Things to do near West Anchorage Homes, Dimond Homes and South Anchorage Homes.

Earthquake Park

The Coastal Trail

Alaska Aviation Museum

Spenard Recreation Center

Westchester Lagoon

Valley of the Moon Park

Anchorage Dog Park

Enjoy Living in Anchorage!

The City of Lights and Flowers!